The eve of thirty

I woke up this morning, still in the Asia time zone (4 hours behind) and was determined to go to my 9:30am barre class because I said to myself 'it's my last day of my 20s. If I don't go, I will set such a terrible example for my 30s and I'll turn into a fat slob'. Barre class always makes me feel good anyways even if I feel like death during the 10 minute walk there (oh, and this meme):

As I sit here writing this, I'm scrambling to do a bajillion things (not that that is any different to any other day but I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel the pressure of making a great entrance into my 30s), but I feel the need to write so here goes. I'm writing charts for some corporate gigs coming up, I'm sorting out the patter of my Perfect Pairings concert (my passion project that has now been actioned in 4 countries) for this Thursday at Handpicked Wines (Sydney); I'm perusing Instagram for birthday outfits because HULLOOOOO, it's my 30th but am struggling to find ANYTHING because heck, the dresses i've had this year so far have been super cool so how do I even one-up that?! I mean, it's a milestone Birthday so I have to have at least AN outfit right? Then, there's the family dinner reservation that I really wanted to do at a certain restaurant in Sydney but they wouldn't do BYO and let's be honest, the wine is THE most important part of this whole dinner and we have our favourite bottles we have collected and been gifted over this past year that deserves to be opened on such a milestone! Oh, yeah, and I need to remember to do one last media push, and then there's the weekend away, and then there's the surprise lunch (*freaks out about wardrobe again*) and God forbid I turn up to any of those events in the same dress?! Oh, and what about that shopping list for the weekend away that needs to be executed? VAN-ANH, ZAP OUT OF IT! NONE OF IT MATTERS! JUST HAVE FUN (easy to say!).

On a more positive note, there's the exciting news that Mark and I are signing our EP project with an Australian label called TMRW Music (squeal!). More about that in another post but this is a project we toyed with from ever since we met and worked together and it has come to fruition as planned. PEW PEW! #CouplesWhoPlayTogether

I know most people who have approached 30 around me have pretty much been like 'Nooooo, I'm turning 30, I'm so old!'. For me, sure, the number itself is a little daunting but you know what, BRING IT ON! I am excited to turn 30. I look back on my 20s and think, BOY, what a colorful decade I've had. I've definitely made plenty of mistakes, failed miserably at some things, experimented with many things in particular music and continue to do so, had success by surprise through experimenting and will be happy to say that I've ticked off quite a few things on the list that I set out to do in my 20s (with so much more to do though!).


Ok, so these are things I've noticed this last year which makes my brain go 'uh-oh, you're turning 30':

  • My joints are cracking. I literally wake up and I turn and just go 'crack, crack, crack, crack'. Is this because I fly so much? Is my body out of wack and I need someone to crack me back into alignment? #HELP

  • I am able to put on weight - not such a bad thing but finally, I'm putting on weight (I'm a coeliac for those who don't know) but at the same time, that means the necessity to stay in shape. I'm going to barre and pilates class regularly now which makes me super happy.

  • It takes me a day or two to bounce back from flying now as opposed to rocking up from a flight and being ready to jump straight into a gig!

  • My love for red wine and being around a small group of people is much more satisfying than being out in a club.

  • I dread flights that are longer than 8 hours more than usual now.

  • I am super nice and friendly to everyone but the moment you step across that line and it doesn't fly with me, I will be happy to drop you. You're dead to me. #YouCantSitWithUs

  • I take more notice of night creams and face masks (which help A LOT since the flying dehydrates me more than you can imagine).

  • The necessity of a good pillow!!!! Need I say more!


At the ripe old age of 30, these are a few things I've taken note of and would like to bestow on the world (not that these things are rocket science or anything but I feel like it has helped me so far in reaching 30):

1. Know your limits, play within it!!!! This applies to everything in life - work life balance, drinking capabilities, friendships, relationships.

2. Always ask (anything!) and never take NO for an answer. If someone says NO, go to the next person for advice, or for sponsorship, or for collaborations - whatever it is, don't feel 'down' because ONE person turned you away.

3. Don't let the little things get to you (I still struggle with this because I guess I'm a very 'particular' person so I find it hard when someone does something half-assed).

4. Listen. I try to sit back and just listen now rather than talk. I've learnt so much more this way.

5. Be nice and polite to EVERYONE (and I mean from your waiters to hotel room stewards to your fellow backing musicians in the band to everyone around you) because this world is VERY small and word spreads very quickly (within the music industry particularly).

6. Don't ponder about doing something - just DO it because you'll regret it later on. Even if it turns out to be a mistake or you lose money, at least you DID it and learnt from it.

7. Communication is KEY in relationships, particularly long distance relationships.

8. Show respect for people's time. I remember growing up without mobile phones until Grade 7 and even then, we'd be on time for any meeting or dinner. Now, we are always running 5 or 10 minutes late, sometimes more. Sure, blame it on traffic, blame it on whatever but it's not good enough.

9. It's ok to lose friends - this has been hard for me to come to terms with over the past few years but some people just end up going their own path, your priorities change and as hard as it is to break a habit, it's the same with friends. Friendship is a two-way street and if you over-extend yourself and the other person just takes, it's time to leave. I'm not talking about relationships, I'm talking purely friendship. It's a hard pill to swallow because I am quite a sentimental person but after 2 months, I find that their absence doesn't matter anymore, nor does it affect me the way I thought it would. Other wonderful people will come into your life.

10. Make time for your loved ones and TELL THEM YOU LOVE THEM ~ Life is really TOO SHORT!

11. Don't be a flaker because no one likes flakers. I am a stickler for keeping my word.

I know a lot of this sounds really stereotypical but time and time again, I have to remind myself of these things too.

So what's in it for the next decade? MY GOSH I HOPE EVERYTHING!!!!!! I still have the biggest dreams and goals to conquer and I hope everything I do and everywhere I go, I leave a trail of unicorn dust and magic.

I hope to catch up with my beautiful Sydney friends this coming week (come down to Handpicked Wines for the music, wine and cheese pairing concert this Thursday 6:30pm - TICKETS HERE - it's my last public Sydney concert) and the rest of you GLOBAL friends very soon.

I feel insanely lucky to have met so many kind souls, so many generous hearts and people who have bestowed such wisdom on me up to this point and can't wait to meet SO MANY MORE!

Thanks for reading my blabber and reflections and rants, whatever you choose to call them :)

Love and grace,

Van-Anh xoxo

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