New single 'Children' out with Universal/Decca

Friday Aug 3, 2018 saw the release of my first single 'Children' since signing with Universal/Decca in June. You can now purchase or stream the song through all major digital outlets HERE. I am thrilled that we have had wonderful successes from this release, with it charting in three countries (that I am aware of) on release day:

Australia: #2 on the iTunes Classical Charts

USA: #13 on the iTunes Classical Chart

Canada: #9 on the iTunes Classical Charts

It was the first time I had entered the Canadian charts so a HUGE thank you to my Canadian friends and followers.

I've released sheet music for my arrangement of this song, which you can ORDER HERE and for release week, we're doing a special promo coupon 'CHILDREN50' for 50% off the sheet music.

It has been an overwhelming week and I thank absolutely everyone who has supported and campaigned for this single.

The original song by Robert Miles was a huge house hit released in 1996. Its always been a favorite of mine and since the sad passing of Robert Miles last year in May, I figured it would be a great song to cover and pay tribute to.

If you don't remember the original, here it is:

As per usual, it has my pianistic flair and virtuosity towards the end however I've tried to keep the purity of the melody true at the start and end.

Thank you to my team for all the efforts. I'll do another post on the music video breakdown. Some pretty funny behind the scenes moments.

Looking forward to the next release,

Love & grace,

Van-Anh xoxo

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