Beethoven vs Britney Spears behind-the-scenes


So, as I sat there on a Friday night arranging this with 10 days left in LA (and honestly, it started as a Craig David mash up and somehow magically morphed into Britney Spears, go figure), I thought, what the heck, let's film something. I was trawling Peerspace for spaces with pianos and OMG, seriously, what a gold mine LA is! I knew I HAD to seize the opportunity to film something pronto before I left and never to return (jokes, I'm back in the Spring 2018). But with who? with what?

Insert some quick thinking. A quick call to my friend Natalya & Diego who are flipping homes in LA (seriously, they're amazing and if you want to check their work out, look up their channel Curato) = connection to a film maker. Nick had filmed their recent video for their new channel and once I reached out to him, voila, we were set to film....on Thursday. Wait, nope, I booked the wrong date. I booked for Tuesday. Less than 90 hours to prep! AND it was a Long Weekend too. PFFT WHAT long weekend! I had only started arranging on Friday, we put the final production together and sent to Nick on Sunday and through texting back and forth, we came up with a plan and come Tuesday 10am, we were in the warehouse space in DTLA.


I can laugh at this now because at the time, I don't think we even had a moment to process anything but the shots Nick had planned. Because of my hiccup in dates, the space literally only had 2 hours available for us to film. Now, anyone who is in the biz knows this is wildly absurd to try to film a 4.5 minute clip in 2 hours. BUT, under pressure, ANYTHING is possible and thanks to Nick's careful planning, he knew the exact sequences of shots that was needed.


Nick had requested 2 dresses for the shoot. At first, I was thinking, why 2, and then of course, duh! We are fusing 2 genres. Wardrobe is always something I give A LOT of careful thought about and with this, I needed something quintessential to both artists. Anyone who knows me knows that I RARELY wear black, but when there's all this white space, why not?

Shukuhachi dress, Guiseppe Zanotti heels

Shakuhachi dress, Giuseppe Zanotti heels.

Then for the Britney Spears representation, what to do? Double denim was such a 90s thing and I've found myself wearing it more often again so voila! Double denim it is!

As per usual, the shoes are a big feature :) Weapon of choice: Guiseppe Zanotti's <3


Seriously, what a wild 2 hours. The last 10 minutes, I just remember the boys shooting the last 30 seconds of the song ten times, moving the piano, cut, repeat, move the piano, cut, move, repeat. Nick's cousin Ben was visiting from the East Coast and jumped on board and totally helped make this happen.

Being creative, pushing boundaries and fusing musical worlds is what I live for and I sure hope you enjoy the final product of this labor of love.

BEETHOVEN VS BRITNEY SPEARS MASH UP (press play and share the love)!

Let me know if you have any ideas on what you want to hear mashed up next!

To check out Nick's work, stalk him on Insta @nickgconrad or @bluecrabproductions.

Love & grace,

Van-Anh xoxo

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