Viet Dreams Starry Night Ball

The last month has been literally me, living out of a suitcase. I toured North America, Canada and a brief stint in Japan. Towards the end of May, I was invited to play at the Viet Dreams Starry Night Ball - a charity of which I've wanted to be a part of for a long time but due to scheduling, have not been able to attend until this year.

In short, Viet Dreams builds clean water systems in schools of remote areas of Vietnam. They provide disadvantaged children in Vietnam with better educational opportunities and a more healthy, sustainable way of living. I get asked to perform at a lot of charities but this one is very dear to my heart as I really do believe that it starts with education. Children don't know any different and to be given the opportunity to have clean water (something we, as Australians/Americans take for granted) is something I want to be a part of, especially when it involves my motherland.

The event was beautifully set at the Blackhawk Museum, classy, elegant and surrounded by these beautiful classic cars.

A very talented singer from Vietnam, Ho Trung Dung was invited to come across as the special guest singer (he can sing in Vietnamese, English AND German!!). We collaborated in the grand finale performance and I performed a few numbers during this wonderful night. Vietnamese Fashion designer Le Thanh Hoa also brought his collection across, a beautiful piece was auctioned off and I had the honor of wearing one of his divine pieces.

Here are some highlights of the event:

If you'd like to donate or read up more on Viet Dreams, please click HERE.

Much love & grace,

Van-Anh xoxo

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