EP out today + website overhaul

April 21, 2017, Sydney

I am SO thrilled and excited to announce that the EP Memoirs of a Nocturne is out today. Not only is it out but it has hit #1 on iTunes Australia Classical Charts.

Getting a #1 is in essence, a number we all strive for BUT the sheer amount of work for that to happen, words don't do it justice. The music making is one thing (probably the most enjoyable part!), but then there's the mixing and mastering, the photography, the make up and hair for the album artwork, the artwork design itself, picking out fonts, finding distributors, getting minute details like names, hyphens, tiny little details, pushing it through PR avenues, more promo, putting together behind the scenes videos, figuring out prime times to post... they are but some of the things we go through. The hustle is hard. But hustle right and when the stars align, the sparkle appears.

Huge thanks to Hoang Huy Long (Cloud9 mixing and mastering), Tom Garnett (sound engineer), REC Studios Sydney, Natalie Nguyen (make up and hair), Frace Mercado (photographer), Arlo & Xelon, and of course everyone who bought the EP. Last but not least, Mark Olsen - my partner in crime, co-producing and co-writing the EP with me but so much more than that. He's the guy behind the camera for behind the scenes, critiquing my sloppy playing (at times!), and pushing me to my limits. This is as much of a celebration for me as it is for you.

Til the next post!

Love & grace,


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